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I tell stories through design


Hola! I’m Ángela, an Art Director from Colombia. I have a double major in Art and Design in Advertising, I’m a innate storyteller, an art freak and a visual artist. I have a particular attention for details, I speak three languages with an accent, I'm a technology addict, a highly caffeinated person, a fashion admire and I believe in soccer karma and no spoilers.

In my first job I learned how to do video games and websites. Three years later I quit my job and moved to the U.S, where I spent two years in Miami Ad School learning how to become an Art Director, moving from one place to another, doing internships in 360i, Publicis 133 Paris, PI&C and Y&R NYC. In that process, my work was awarded 20 something times in award shows such as The One show, A' design, Clios Key Art, Applied Arts, AdWeek ISSAC and Future Lions. I have been featured in Adobe, Ads of the World, Taxi Design and a variety of other publications. I worked in Y&R California in San Francisco, and PI&C New York before joining iCrossing NYC.

I have a talent for inspiring people and a glib to sell air. I have an uncontrollable urge to shine, I like challenges, I like simplicity, I’m a dreamer and I always give the best of myself. I love what I do and I hope you do too!



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